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Expected and unexpected things happen to everyone, some happy, some, not so happy.

I was ordained in 2007, but my idea of a good minister is someone who doesn’t even attempt to force his way of thinking on you. Some have called me a humanist as a result. It took a few years before I was comfortable enough to even begin to consider performing any sort of ceremony. Since the church I was ordained through was not recognized in Canada, I took the time to consider whether I wanted to perform any ceremonies outside of the small group I belonged to. When I decided to go ahead in late 2010, I joined the AllSeasons Weddings family of independent clergy, and went through THEIR ordination process as well, which allowed me to perform legal wedding ceremonies in Ontario starting the following spring (legal marriages in Ontario MUST be performed by either clergy, or sitting judges/justices of the peace).

Because I am part of the AllSeasons family, I must maintain a standard of service, or you get your money refunded. I also have access to emergency back-ups for ceremonies, although I have never had to use one of those, in case of illness or accident. I remain a member of that organization, so that guarantee gets carried through as well. 

There are two main parts of this website, one dealing with weddings, the other with funerals. The pricing scheme is different for each type of ceremony. From this page, please click on the type of ceremony you are looking for in the hyperlinks above, either the Weddings page or the Funeral Main page, and it will take you to the appropriate section. If you have any questions or comments regarding what other ceremonies you would like, please see the Contact page.