Contact Info

There are several ways to get in contact with me. These are the easiest.

Facebook: search for Anderson Life Events

      Advantage: Has access to my Google Calendar, which allows for you to check my schedule to see if I am available for the time frame you want. Provided that the reason for my not being available is something other than a wedding/funeral/meeting, there is the possibility that I may be able to work around the difficulty with my co-workers, with enough notice. I do work Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm, so try to avoid these times without giving me sufficient notice.

Cell Phone: 807-626-3770

     Advantage: You can send a text and get a response while I am still at work. However, because of the noise level at work, I may not hear my notification that a message has been received, so it may take a while for me to notice. Phone calls while at work are not recommended for the same reason, but you could leave a voicemail message. Also please be aware that I cannot receive pictures or other file types in my texts, so a text MUST be simply words.


     Advantage: You can put your request in writing, but it is checked only once a day, and once on weekends (generally). Therefore, if you send an email just after I check the account, you may wait for a significant amount of time before getting a response. For weddings, this is usually not a problem, but for funerals it could be the difference between me being able to accept it or not.