Wedding Questions

These are some of the topics which I will discuss with you during the meeting (if you choose the type of wedding ceremony that has a full fledged meeting included in the price). Other wedding types I will give you a quick overview of important ones on the day of the ceremony. For both types of ceremonies (with or without meeting), I STRONGLY encourage you to take appropriate notes, or have a family member take them, as most of the necessary information that I tend to get call-backs about after the ceremony, is stuff that I have already covered.

I start with a confirmation of the date, time, and place of the wedding, and request an emergency contact for the date, in case I have mechanical problems and will be delayed (this has yet to happen, as of the date of this being written). By the same token, because I have written proof that the ceremony is scheduled for this time, if it changes by being made earlier, YOU have to let me know that fact. I slot, in my scheduling, two hours per wedding, even though the ceremony usually takes 20 minutes, to allow for travel time, so if I need to leave earlier, or stay later, I need to know about it. Occasionally, I will have two weddings in one day, so I may not be flexible in timing, because I will be coming from a wedding, or leaving to perform another one.

Next, I will cover the license. I discuss such things as explaining what I do with it when I take it with me, how to go about changing your name, and the difference between the record of marriage (which I leave with you that day) and the certificate of marriage (which you have to purchase from the Ontario government). This becomes a segue to covering other specific legalities.

After that, I get into the nitty-gritty of the ceremony. I start with the “start on time” talk, explaining that I only specify a certain amount of time for the ceremony, and sometimes that schedule MUST be adhered to. It’s not that I don’t enjoy your company. but I may have another ceremony to go to. If I am late to the second ceremony, that automatically triggers a refund for that couple, because I didn’t live up the my end of the contract. I ask that you put yourselves in the shoes of the other couple for a moment, and how they would feel if I were to show up late. Other things discussed in this segment include the number of guests, bridal party size, music source, photographers, etc. 

Next items discussed are the vows and rings, the signing process and then followed by some questions to you about how to introduce you to the assembly and the ceremony sent to you by AllSeasons.

Finally, I close with when I need the final draft of the ceremony in my hands, so that I have time to print it in a large enough font size to be able to read it without glasses, etc.

In a nutshell, this is the meeting for the ceremony. I prefer to meet with a couple about a month or so before a wedding, so that there is time to make any changes desired, although even the night before will work, if we have been in communication beforehand.

Hopefully, this will make it less stressful for you, knowing what to expect in advance.