Funeral Pricing

There are, basically, three types of funeral/memorial ceremonies that I perform: an interment, where we gather at the cemetery to commit the remains to the earth; a celebration of life, where friends and family gather to share their memories of the deceased at an open mike, and a full scale funeral service. To me, these are almost identical in terms of the information I need, but severely different in terms of the workload involved. As a result, there is a pricing difference. The basic prices listed below are my minimum fee (called an honorarium), a larger donation is always greatly appreciated.

Interment Only75.00self evident
Celebration of Life100.00Y
Full Service150.00Y

Also, please be aware that there is a difference for what day of the week the ceremony is held. I will factor this into the cost which I quote you if you request a ceremony on a weekday, as I am losing a day’s pay to perform the ceremony for you, and the quote will be broken down so that you can see the difference and understand it. Obviously, it is to your advantage to minimize the number of weekdays which I need to take off from my full time employment.