Wedding Pricing

ALL prices are subject to change without notice, if the AllSeasons (ASW) price changes. The ONLY way to have a ceremony at the price before the change is if it was requested before the change, and I was notified of the intent (either via email or by payment). Remember, the “the only valid reservation is a PAID reservation” rule applies.

Listed as well in the type of ceremony is the ASW type. If you feel more secure booking me through AllSeasons, that is your choice. Their portion is the part which is listed as “Reserve Date/Time” in the listing, and you will note that it doesn’t change between the comparable ones (A&F, K&P and U&Z). That is because, for me to list them as part of my schedule, I MUST pay ASW their portion. The military weddings’ 5% discount comes out of my pocket, not ASW’s.

A     Full (ASW Perfectly Planned)

              Total Cost                     386.00

              Reserve Date/Time      226.00

              Payment                       160.00

F     Full Military (ASW Perfectly Planned)

              Total Cost                     366.70

              Reserve Date/Time       226.00

              Payment                        140.70

K     Quickie (10-35 guests) (ASW Simply Sweet)

              Total Cost                     319.50

              Reserve Date/Time      169.50

              Payment                       150.00

P     Quickie Military (10-35 guests) (ASW Simply Sweet)

              Total Cost                    303.50

              Reserve Date/Time      169.50

              Payment                       134.00

U     Legalities (<10 guests) (ASW Make It Legal)

              Total Cost                    266.90

              Reserve Date/Time     146.90

              Payment                      120.00

Z     Legalities Military (<10 guests) (ASW Make It Legal)

              Total Cost                   253.50

              Reserve Date/Time    146.90

              Payment                     106.60

Weddings A & F have full editing allowed, and will have a meeting scheduled (about 30 minutes) to cover a variety of things sometime between the day of the wedding and 90 days prior (after the license is obtained)

Weddings K & P have editing restricted to the vows, the rest of the ceremony remains as is, and the meeting will only be to exchange the license.

Weddings U & Z have no editing allowed at all, because they are the bare minimum for a legal wedding in Ontario. The meeting will be only to exchange the license.

To qualify for weddings F, P & Z, and the resultant 5% discount, proof of service will be required for either one person in the couple, or their parent. Acceptable proofs are a DND/VAC ID card, or discharge papers. Grandparents or earlier generations do NOT qualify for the discount. If I recognize the name, and ask if you were related to them, it’s because I remember them from my own time in the CAF, but I will still need to see some sort of connection, and may ask you to have them send me a photo of an accepted ID as proof.

Total cost is provided for information only. Reservation price is what is needed to be paid to ensure that your space will not be assigned to someone else. (In other words, the only reservation is a paid reservation.) Payment of the other amount is required PRIOR to the wedding ceremony occurring. If being paid within two weeks of the ceremony, checks will NOT be accepted, but e-transfers and cash are accepted at any time.

All types of weddings include email, phone and text messaging contacts, but please be aware that I work full time in a noisy environment, and may not always hear my cell phone ringing, so please leave a message if calling, and I will return your call when I can.

Additional charges will also apply for distance traveled. The first 30 km, straight line distance, from my residence to the ceremony, is not charged. Between 30 and 60 km, an additional $40 is charged; 60 to 90 km, an additional $80; 90 to 120 km, an additional $120, and 120 to 150 km, an additional $160. Please note, only one of these additional charges will be applied; you won’t pay $120 for a wedding that is 85 km from my house, just $80. Obviously, if it is possible to have the wedding within the 30 km distance (which contains the entire city of Thunder Bay), it would be to your benefit.

Also, IF you desire me to take part in the rehearsal, there is an additional cost for this. It is VERY expensive, especially for the time factor and work involved for me to be there. While it is important that you do have a rehearsal, so that everyone has an idea of what is happening, my presence there is far from necessary. What I suggest is that someone who is already going to be at the rehearsal, but isn’t part of the bridal party, take my place. That way, it saves you money. For rehearsals between the Kam, west edge of the airport property, and Intercity, it is $40. For the rest of the area WITHIN the city limits, rehearsals are $60. Outside the city limits, the pricing STARTS at $80, and goes up as the distance increases. It is far better to have someone fill in for me